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Ideas to get you started

Why not support us and help raise funds. If you would like to organise your own event, read our helpful advice.

Here are some fundraising ideas to get you started...

Offer to use your sports leadership skills

Even learners in training can support a wide range of special events where little children can get bored.  Volunteering your services to run half an hour's worth of fun activities for little children at the local fun run will give both parents and children the time out they need. Make sure you have shared your plans with the event organisers, have appropriate number of leaders and equipment, know where to find parents if you need them quickly and so on.

Take up a challenge and ask people to sponsor you

It is difficult to ask your nearest and dearest for sponsorship too often but once in a while a challenge comes along that it is right to go for.  If it is a real challenge, people will realise how strongly you feel about the cause for which you are testing yourself. You should both enjoy and have to work hard to achieve your challenge. Be prepared to talk to people about the challenge, why you are interested in taking it on and how you are preparing and training. Involve them. Make sure they know what it means to you.

Make a mile of coins or spell out your message with coins

Think of a good message or choose a long trail, which will catch people's attention. Chalk it out somewhere you are sure of passers by, and invite people to add coins to stretch around your message or your mile. It works well around the perimeter of a large hall, building or playground, along a street (if safe!) or to spell out a message, for example 'Sports leaders lead with style', 'dance leaders lead with rhythm', 'basic expedition leaders lead with… rucksacks'.
Linda Smartie

Smarties exchange

Invest in some tubes of smarties and send them to friends and family asking them to have the sweets as a gift, but to then fill up the empty tube with 5p or 20p pieces and return it to you. You could even run as a smartie to add to the fun!

Other tried and tested ideas...

  • Local sports tournament
  • Run a car wash
  • Treasure hunt
  • Goal scoring
  • Parachute jump
  • Orienteering competition
  • Running, cycling, hiking 
  • Charity auction
  • Sponsored aerobics
  • Danceathon
  • Personal contribution - get sponsored for chaning a habit, for example, give up sugar, chocolate or coffee 
  • Sweepstake at work - persuade a friend or colleague to organise a sweepstake on your finishing time for the race, using part of the 'pot' as a prize, or persuade the boss to agree to a day off for the winner! It's a bit of fun, keeps colleagues interested and raises a few more £s. Make sure you don't let out too many secrets about your potential time though.

What are you up to?

Tell us how you're helping to raise funds for Sports Leaders UK and we'll publish a selection of the best ideas on the site!

Sports Leaders UK is a member of The Fundraising Standards Board Scheme. 

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