Our Tutoring and Assessing Leadership Skills webinars cover the key responsibilities of the Tutor/Assessor.

Our 'Tutoring and Assessing Leadership Skills' webinar focuses on the sole responsibilities a Tutor/Assessor (T/A) will need to undertake during course delivery.

Tutor/Assessor training is accessible for free to all staff within approved SLQ Centres.

The 'Tutoring and Assessing Leadership Skills' webinar is suitable for Tutors/Assessors from Centres from all areas of the UK and overseas.

Previously SLQ held separate training for Scottish Centres, however we now deliver one training session, which covers Tutors/Assessors from all areas of the UK and overseas.

For those who are not from an approved SLQ Centre, the cost to attend is £100 and must be paid before registering for the webinar. Payment can be made via PayPal CLICK HERE.

Qualification delivery can start as soon as the T/A has attended the 'Tutoring & Assessing Leadership Skills' webinar. There is no limit on how many Tutors from within your Centre access this webinar.

To register for a 'Tutoring and Assessing Leadership Skills' webinar please click on one of the dates below (you will be asked to provide either your approved SLQ Centre ID or PayPal Transaction ID).

Need help finding your Centre ID? CLICK HERE for guidance.

Date                                           Time         
Tuesday 12th July 3.30pm-5.30pm Book here

'Tutor-Trained' status will only be confirmed to the individual who registers for, and attends the webinar. Those joining the webinar using a shared joining link or watching collectively on the same device (PC / Laptop / Smartphone / Tablet) cannot be certificated as attendees.

From August 2022 our Tutor Training is changing to better support Tutor/Assessors. Centres are still required to have a minimum of one Trained Tutor/Assessor but the way this is updated will change. There will no longer be live webinars to book onto. The last webinar date is scheduled for 12th July 2022.

Our new Tutor Training will provide you with a more flexible way of gaining the information you need to successfully run our leadership qualifications. The new training will be accessible at a time and date to suit you. Training will continue to be free to all staff within approved SLQ Sports Leader centres.

Look out for more detail coming soon via our Briefing for Centres and other communications from SLQ Sports Leaders.

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