Completing our Training in Delivering Leadership Skills is an essential step on your journey to helping learners develop their skills and build their confidence.

Choose from the following options depending on your requirements: -

By becoming a trained Tutor, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence needed to deliver a high-quality and successful qualification. It will provide an opportunity to keep your personal development fresh and up to date and you will receive a certificate on completion.

All our training is available at no additional cost and is carried out online and on-demand. This allows for the greatest possible flexibility and accessibility, using a series of bite-size videos and supporting resources.

Ensuring that at least one member of your delivery team has completed Tutor Training is a mandatory requirement of becoming a Qualification Centre. However, there is no limit as to how many Tutors you can train so it is an excellent way of developing the skills of your staff and colleagues, to the benefit of your learners.

Changes for 2022/23

We have recently changed the way we deliver Tutor Training to provide a more inclusive, flexible, and easily accessible way of becoming a Tutor with us.

From 8th August 2022, we are excited to offer e-Learning in place of in-person learning and webinars. This new format will give Tutors the opportunity to keep their personal development fresh and up to date from the comfort of their own classroom or home.

Moreover, it recognises the strain currently placed on budgets and hopes to alleviate that by reducing the need for travel to in-person training or the need for refresher training every two years.

How Tutor Training is now offered:

We will support Tutors to get all the information needed to follow processes through access to short bite-sized videos. These will be accessible at a time and place that suits individual tutors through our online learning platform, Moodle, or our web-based course management portal, LEAP.

During training, Tutors will develop an understanding of:

  • Tutor/Assessor the role and responsibilities of being a Tutor/Assessor
  • What the other roles at your Centre are and how you will work alongside them
  • How to plan a course
  • How you will deliver your course
  • How you are required to assess learners
  • What you will need to do when you have completed your course
  • What the Quality Assurance process is for you as a Tutor/Assessor

If you are already a Tutor with us:

There is no longer a requirement for Tutor/Assessors to refresh their training every two years.

Instead, individualised support will be given to Centres based on any needs identified during your Quality Assurance Review. Centres that show they are meeting all requirements will be able to continue to deliver as they are. Conversely, Centres that do not meet assessment standards or are in need of development will be asked to update their Trained Tutor status, using the new support tools we have in place.

All Tutors are welcome to access our new videos, complete a Knowledge Check (a simple set of questions that ask you about the video you will have watched) via Moodle, our online learning platform.

For more information on our training, contact us via email:

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