Our nationally-recognised qualification, created in partnership with the Association for Physical Education (afPE), enables delegates to become specialists in supporting the emotional and social wellbeing of pupils through physical education.

What does the Qualification involve?

Teaching physical eduation is key to supporting the emotional wellbeing of pupils through the curriculum and we belive that those teaching this crucial subject should feel confident in their delivery.

With such a high importance placed on physical activity and education, we have worked closely with the Association for Physical Education (afPE) to develop this qualification, which increases the delegate's knowledge and understanding of the subject.

By ensuring that all children and young people have access to a high quality offer that supports their physical health and emotional wellbeing, this places physical education, sport and physical activity at the heart of school life.

Key Qualification Outcomes

By completing the qualification, delegates will be able to: -

  1. Explain the importance of emotional and social wellbeing to pupils' education and wider development
  2. Recognise current challenges to pupils' emotional and social wellbeing
  3. Advocate the role of physical education in promoting pupils' emotional and social wellbeing
  4. Plan, implement and evaluate physical education approaches that:
    - support pupils' emotional and social wellbeing with their own practice
    - enable pupils to take care of their own emotional and social wellbeing
    - assist colleagues to support pupils' emotional and social wellbeing in physical education
  5. Contribute to promotion of pupils' emotional and social wellbeing across the school

How do I study for the qualification?

The qualification has been designed to be delivered by either face-to-face study or blended learning, making use of virtual channels for knowledge acquisition supported by traditional assessment.

Please find the details of available courses below:

Date  Time    PLC contact details

18th May
18th June
9th July


09:00 - 11:30

PLC:  PE & Sports Hub
Contact: Daniel Newall
info@peandsportshub.co.uk dan.newall@peandsportshub.co.uk
0808 281 1155 / 07904 041323
Click here to view further course details  

7th June
14th June
5th July
20th September
18th October
22nd November


PLC: Beyond the Physical
Contact: Steve Waide
Email: steve@beyondthephysical.co.uk
Phone: 07841 917 984
Twitter: @_beyondphysical, @SteWaide
Website: beyondthephysical.co.uk/our-courses 
Registration Link:  Click here to register (May/Jun/Jul)
Registration Link: Click here to register(Sept/Oct/Nov)


16th June

16th September

18th October


PLC:  Yorkshire Sport Foundation
Alex Ogden
07795 305 791


24th May

22nd May

13th July


PLC: Sutton Schools Sport Partnership
Contact: Katie Miller
Email: katie@suttonssp.co.uk
 07816 217 586
Registration Link: Click here to register 

1st June
6th July
14th September


PLC:  All For Sport Ltd
Paul Barnfather
Phone:  07761 678 535
Website:  allforsport.co.uk

18th May

15th June

29th June

14th September

5th October

15:45 - 17:45

PLC:  Enfield Physical Education Team
Contact:  Paula Felgate
Email:  paula.felgate@enfield.gov.uk
Phone:  07961 994 682
Twitter: @enfieldpeteam
Website:  enfieldpeteam.co.uk/news  



If you'd like to deliver the Level 4 Qualification as a Professional Learning Centre (PLC), take a look at our guidance for becoming a PLC and register your interest via this link.

Find out more about the qualification by accessing the resources below. If you are considering delivering the qualification to delegates, please take a look at the following links.

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