The Personal Skills Programme (PSP) is a whole-school learning programme that allows learners to develop the skills and behaviours needed to be better prepared for their next step in education or employment.

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We have adapted the Personal Skills Programme and added additional support to enable both face to face & social distanced delivery in 2020/21. Details of the support materials can be found here.

The PSP provides schools with their own evidence of the intent, implementation and impact of their curriculum design aimed at developing resilience and character in their pupils without creating additional workload for busy teaching staff. The award can be delivered through existing timetabled sessions, enrichment days or tutor time.

The Programme is accredited by SLQ, a regulated Awarding Organisation with over 35 years’ experience in building leadership and life skills in young people. The programme is delivered through three key themes enabling learners an opportunity to achieve five linked awards:

Theme  Award  Learning hours
Transition Pioneer Award 10
Active Citizenship   Ambassador Award 10
  Community Influencer Award 10
Progression  Pathfinder Award 10
  Personal Skills Reflection Award 10           

Support with Impact of Covid 19 for 2020-21 delivery

The impact of the Covid-19 crisis has had a big impact on young people and the development of pupils’ personal skills are more important than ever to help them cope and settle into a ‘normal’ routine.

We believe that our Personal Skills programme can support students in these difficult times as the programme looks at providing resources and support to help pupils develop their personal skills and progress in developing character and building resilience to challenges. We have included suggestions for social distancing for activities in the programme.

Please click on this link to access the support plan we have put in place for 2020/21 delivery. 

Delivering the programme in schools

As part of the PSP, SLQ provides a set of comprehensive resources for tutors and a complete range of reporting and evidencing documents, designed to help track pupils’ progress and demonstrate their competencies and achievements.

The awards have the flexibility to be delivered as an entire whole school programme or to individual focused groups. The suggested delivery groups are as follows:

Award (Theme) Suggested School Year Description
The Pioneer Award (Transition) Year 7 Learners develop and demonstrate the personal skills needed to feel and be part of their new school environment.
Towards the end of their course, pupils work with their peers to create and deliver a ‘welcome pack’ for the next year’s intake.
The Ambassador Award (Active Citizenshp) Year 8 Learners develop the skills and behaviours in the Skills Framework through becoming an active part of their school community.
They identify and explore an issue that is important to your school's environment, delivering an awareness-raising campaign to peers.
The Community Influencer Award (Active Citizenship) Year 9 Pupils deliver an event in an area of interest to
their school, encouraging others to participate
in their school community through the event.
The Skills Pathfinder Award (Progression) Year 10 Learners identify what they want to achieve
in their potential career journey and plan the
development of their own personal skills to
accomplish this.
The Skills Reflection Award (Progression) Year 11 Pupils reflect on their personal and character development throughout their school life and
focus on the benefits that this will give them
in achieving their next steps.

Learners outcomes

Through 10 hours of teaching time learners will create an effective portfolio of their abilities, providing evidence of their progression while developing character and personal skills.

Pioneer schools across the country have been involved in piloting the Personal Skills Programme during 2019/2020. To find out more about how North Bromsgrove School (one of our pioneer schools) are delivering the Personal Skills Programme click here.

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  • Personal Skills Programme

The Personal Skills Programme is an innovative approach to developing skills in young people that helps them to realise their potential. To find out more, please click on the links below for case studies, further information, and to sign up to deliver the programme.


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