As your learners progress through their course, our Learner Support Challenges provide them with opportunities to ‘Power Up’ their skills.

The challenges are not mandatory and have been created to complement their learning, providing additional chances to develop and demonstrate their skills.

Each challenge focuses on a particular topic that supports their progress towards achieving their Qualification and prompts in their Learner Evidence Records identify the perfect time to tackle them.

However, as they are complementary rather than mandatory, we’ve designed them to stand alone, meaning they are perfect for learners looking to keep their skills sharp and their knowledge up to date. In addition, their format as individual challenges means they can be completed at home, online or via face-to-face learning, making them a perfectly flexible option during changeable conditions, such as groups of learners being required to stay at home during the pandemic.

Depending on the level of your learners’ study, they will have different challenges available to them. The diagram below shows all the challenges and which ones are available to learners at their respective levels - click on the image to see a larger version.

Learner Support Challenges

All the Learner Support Challenges are accessible via LEAP for active Centres – log in to your LEAP account here to access them via the Tutor Resources section.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming an Active Centre, delivering our Qualifications and accessing our Learner Support Challenges, use the ‘Register Your Interest’ form below to get in touch with our Development Team.

Our Learner Support Challenges provide learners with opportunities to develop and demonstrate their skills alongside their work towards achieving their Qualifications.

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