As much as our qualification and awards development team strive to develop products that fit the needs of the modern education landscape, even they were surprised when we heard how Derby College were using the Leadership Skills Programme.

Derby College are using the programme to provide their students with the skills to be able to mentor other students to help them pass English and Maths GSCEs. A number of their students were struggling getting to grips with exams, but a pilot project showed that peer-to-peer mentoring and simply having more confident students “giving a few tips” or ‘saying how they would do it’ has made a significant improvement.

We were so impressed we went down to the college to find out for ourselves. You can watch the films below: 

"Full Version:"


 "The view from the College:"

"Eleanor's Story:"


 "Tom's Story:" 


For more information on the Leadership Skills Programme call us on 01908 689180 or register your interest below.  

  • Leadership Skills Programme

Centres have used the Leadership Skills Programme to enhance the learning of academically strong students, as well as an intervention tool for poor academic performance. Get in touch to find out how it can help your students flourish.

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