This page outlines some of the most frequent queries in connection with the I Can, I Am Resilience Learning Programme.

Are the challenges assessed?

This is self-directed learning so is facilitated until completion; there are opportunities for Tutors to comment after each challenge, but this is optional. For a certificate to be released to the learner the tutor needs to have seen the young person’s 'My Community Builder Profile', which is a reflection sheet that summarises their learning and actions. There is a space for tutor comment and feedback and your professional judgement is used to decide whether to award the certificate or not.

‘I Can, I Am’ is an accredited award, so is it only something that learners can put on their C.V. rather than a qualification?

The experience and the award can be listed on a C.V. It is useful for learners to use their experiences to inform their CV on how they use skills that can be transferred into their future training and employment

I work in a large high school; realistically how would you recommend we target a specific cohort and what kind of student is this designed for?

The programme is flexible, so you may want to make available for all young people, or you may want to target specific groups. This is a decision for you as a tutor and the school's SLT as to which approach will be most beneficial. If for a targeted audience set your support so that it is relevant to them.

What age range is the programme aimed at?

The programme is suitable for delivery to Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 (S1-S6 in Scotland). It is not designed to be used with primary school pupils.

Will the challenges stay available if we want to deliver after the release date?

Yes, the challenge will remain available throughout the summer and autumn term

Do the young people receive the latest weekly modules direct to email or do we (staff) have to send them out from LEAP?

Staff will access the modules through LEAP and then share them with students as they become available.

The programme is best delivered during the crisis itself e.g when students are not in school. How adaptable it is if we are back in school, say for arguments sake, at the end of May?

The programme is particularly aimed at the current crisis but will still be relevant when students return to school as we expect the impact of the crisis to continue. The I Can, I Am programme can be delivered in school as well as at home and it may be a good exercise to do in school to maintain social distancing as the challenges can be completed individually.

Is there any limit to the number of learners that can take the course when purchased?

There is no limit to the number of students that can take up the course from a school/college

Do students have to complete the 2 x 90 minutes challenges per week, or can they extend the deadline?

Two challenges will be released each week but you can get the students to complete these to your own schedule. There is no weekly deadline. The programme is flexible and can be delivered in a manner to suit the provider and the students alike.

The I Can, I Am Resilience Learning Programme is a series of challenges designed to help build learners' confidence and skills during the Covid-19 crisis.

Discover the programme and learn how it could help your learners continue developing their skills through the current situation and beyond.

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