Our programmes

Believe. Lead. Succeed.

Teenage girl with blonde hair speaks to group of other teenage girls wearing dance clothes. All are smiling.

The Leadership Skills Foundation is a prominent awarding organisation that supports learners to develop the skills, knowledge and resilience needed to shape their future and lead their communities.

Our programmes are used to develop leadership skills within schools, colleges, community groups, professional qualification centres and beyond, supporting lifelong learning.

What makes our programmes special?
Empower your learners

Every single one of our programmes is designed to develop young people’s teamwork, communication, self-belief, self-management and problem-solving skills. These qualities facilitate successful futures in education and employment.

Draw from our breadth of experience

We have been creating and delivering leadership programmes since 1981. We apply our extensive expertise to every qualification and award so that we can help centres and learners reap the full benefits of taking part. 

Deliver accredited qualifications and awards

All of our qualifications and awards are accredited through our awarding body status and developed in line with regulatory conditions, including those we create with partner organisations. Many of our programmes are offered at a variety of levels, creating a clear pathway of nationally recognised qualifications to bolster learners’ CVs. 

Train your staff

We provide flexible and accessible training for your delivery team at no extra cost, giving tutors the confidence they need to deliver high-quality and successful qualifications within your centre. 

Build your community

Create links with other schools or organisations, either in your local area or further afield, through the Leadership Skills Foundation network. Attend or host events, deliver training or facilitate volunteering opportunities within your community. 

Demonstrate links to inspection frameworks

Through our programmes, all centres can further demonstrate their commitment to preparing young people for their next steps. For those based in the UK, this is a key element of Ofsted, Education Scotland, Estyn and Education and Training Inspectorate inspection frameworks.