Support children’s development of essential life skills through PE, physical activity and sport.

The PE Life Skills Award, developed in partnership with the Youth Sports Trust, is an accreditation programme that provides schools with a framework to recognise and reward the development of essential life skills in and through PE.

Develop Pupils’ Physical Literacy Through High Quality PE and Physical Activity

The provision of high quality Physical Education has the potential to equip young people with essential life skills that build their wider confidence and reinforce the benefits of an active lifestyle.

By underpinning PE with a framework that recognises and rewards their behaviours, pupils stand to gain awareness, knowledge and understanding of its importance to their wider wellbeing and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Developed in partnership with the Youth Sports Trust, the PE Life Skills Award represents a reward system for learners, recognising the demonstration of positive behaviours in four key areas: emotional, cognitive, physical and social at four distinct levels: experiencing, understanding, applying and valuing

How does it work?

The aim of the programme is to demonstrate learners’ development towards achieving ‘Physical Literacy’, which is described as “The motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.” (IPLA, 2017).

Pupils reflect on their experiences in PE using a completion record with support from their teachers. As they progress through their studies, these reflections are assessed against the PE Life Skills Award framework, allowing teachers to gain an insight into their level of comprehension about the four elements contained within the concept of physical literacy (emotional, cognitive, physical and social).

Learners record these reflections in a journal, demonstrating their progression and ultimately receiving an accredited award in recognition of their skills and abilities.

How do I get involved?

The PE Life Skills Award will be available pupils in key stages 1-4 for the current academic year through the Youth Sports Trust. The programme supports the delivery of PE as part of the curriculum with resources available online.

To find out more about the Award, visit Youth Sport Trust's webpage by clicking here.

Support your pupils’ development of essential lifeskills through the provision of high quality PE and sport.

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