Assessment and evidence


Assessment takes place in two stages of the qualification. A large part will be undertaken during the 'Training' stage. This is the stage where the Tutor/Assessor(s) cover the teaching content and make assessment decisions in line with the assessment criteria.

Once the taught aspects of the course have been completed and learners have finished their 12 hours demonstration of leadership, they must be assessed as part of the 'Expedition' stage. During the assessment Sports Leaders UK recommends a Tutor/Assessor delegate ratio of 1:6.

The Delegate Evidence Record clearly states what needs to be assessed during the 'Training' stage , the 'Expedition' stage or both.

The Delegate Evidence Record

We have provided an easy to use Delegate Evidence Record (DER) for these qualifications. The DER is mandatory and uses the following assessments:

  • Practical observation – video/photos can be used to support this
  • Questioning of underpinning knowledge - via worksheets
  • Plans and evaluations completed during the course
  • A portfolio of evidence

* Reasonable adjustments can be made for delegates who are unable to complete the DER

Apply for a ALEL2 course to gain access to the full DER and the Tutor Resource. You can have a look at a sample DER by clicking here.

Date printed: 23/10/2017

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