On this page you will find guidance around delivering and assessing leadership qualifications remotely with links to our latest support resources.

Alongside this guidance, we have also published Adapted Assessment Requirements for all courses that are to be completed on or before 31st July 2021.

Click here to read our Adapted Assessment Requirements.

The Importance of Completing Assessment for SLQ Sports Leaders Qualifications

The Sports Leadership and Dance leadership qualifications that we offer are vocational qualifications.

Receiving a SLQ Sports Leaders qualification could lead to deployment opportunities for the learner (e.g. volunteering in their local community or with an organisation that deploys volunteers more widely) or to employment (e.g. taking a role to lead activity sessions).

We set minimum assessment requirements through the Assessment Criteria/Performance Criteria in the qualification specifications.  We can only issue certificates to learners that have demonstrated successful completion of these minimum assessment requirements.

Being Confident to Deliver Leadership Remotely 

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a huge amount of change for everyone, but undoubtedly young people will have felt this more than most. The latest national lockdown has again created new challenges and changes to the way we all work, but we remain strong in our belief that Lockdown Doesn’t Stop Leadership.

To help you continue delivering Leadership Qualifications, we’ve put together our Remote Delivery Guidance – click this link to download the guidance document.

Helping You to Deliver Remote Assessment

In addition to delivering remotely, we want to ensure that you feel confident about assessing learners remotely, so we’ve put together the Remote Assessment Guidance document, which includes information on the adaptions you can make to facilitate assessment and how to deliver and evidence remote assessment.

Click this link to download the Remote Assessment Guidance document.

In addition, we're holding two webinars, focussing on on how to adapt your assessment to overcome any Covid-19 restrictions and ideas for being innovative for practical assessment. Click the links below to register for either of the following two dates: -

Thursday 28th January: 4-5pm
Tuesday 2nd February: 4-5pm

To support the Remote Assessment Guidance, we have also created Witness Statement Guidance, in which we explain how Witness Statements can now be used to support the assessment decisions that Tutor/Assessors make. These have been newly introduced to help your learners achieve whilst learning from home.

Click here to download the Witness Statement Guidance document.

Witness Statement Form (Print version)
Witness Statement Form (Editable pdf version)
Witness Statement Form (Editable Word doc)

 Get in touch with us about your plans for completing courses in 2021

We want to make sure that we give you the best support we can for the courses you plan to deliver and complete before summer 2021.

To help us do this we have created a dedicated feedback form for you to let us know:

  • Your plans for completing your course delivery this year
  • Any additional support you might need to complete your courses
  • Your concerns for completing courses

The more information you can give us through this form, the better the support we can give you, and other Centres like you.

Complete the feedback form here to share your thoughts

Please complete this form by Friday 12th February.

We appreciate your patience and support at this time and we want you to know that we are committed to supporting all our Centres and we are passionate as ever about helping young people to realise their potential, especially at this time when they need our help the most.

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