Our range of leadership qualifications help students to develop the skills and confidence needed to be ready for university or employment.

Help students develop essential leadership skills to improve their employability and readiness for their next step

Leadership plays a huge role in the social and academic development of 16-19 year olds. A formally recognised qualification from SLQ Sports Leaders demonstrates a student’s ability to develop transferrable skills and build their confidence as effective leaders.

By learning to lead others, they improve their confidence, develop communication and organisational skills, learn to problem solve and fill out their CV with impressive volunteering work.

95% of employers believe that soft skills are more important than qualifications* and 78% of Sports Leaders told us that their qualification and the experience gained helped them to secure their first job. Leadership qualifications provide students with the perfect balance of skill development and practical experience.

What do organisations get from our qualifications?

  • A regulated and nationally recognised qualification

  • A detailed course programme with extensive resources and learner assessment recorded through Learner Evidence Records

  • Use of our Skills Tracker app, allowing tutors to monitor, evaluate and present learner development in the five key personal skills: Communication, Teamwork, Self-Management, Self-Belief and Problem Solving

  • Producing more employable learners with enhanced CVs, to improve the number of learners progressing to positive destinations.

  • Sessions are comprised of a mixture of discussion, exploration and practical learning, delivered through easy-to-use resources suitable for online learning platforms. Learning follows our PREP principles:

    • Practically applied
    • Recognised learning
    • Experiential learning
    • Peer-to-peer

  • An increase in students’ social and academic confidence

  • Qualifications mapped to Pearson BTEC programmes, ensuring efficiency for tutors and learners in addition alongside in-demand skill development. Find out more at our dedicated Pearson BTEC page.

How do students benefit from our qualifications?

  • UCAS: 16 points for Level 3 Qualifications or Personal Statement recognition for Level 2

  • A nationally recognised qualification that allows them to gain employment (Level 2 and Level 3)

  • Clear evidence of soft-skill development, progression and achievement

  • Development of soft skills in demand by employers**

  • Increased employability due to increased skills and improved CVs

  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and development

Colleges can benefit directly from developing groups of engaged leaders, who can form part of a powerful volunteer workforce to help run college and community events.

And all Centres delivering our qualifications have access to Skills Tracker, our online application for measuring and monitoring learners’ confidence in their skills throughout their courses.

Flexible Packages

Our packages have been designed specifically for Further Education organisations, offering a flexible and cost-effective way to develop and hone leadership and employability skills in students across the college, through formally recognised qualifications.

By making delivery of our qualifications easier, they represent a discounted and versatile entry for colleges of any size or structure.

(Please note that the Outdoor Leadership qualifications are Level 2 & 3 qualifications and only available on the RQF.)

There’s also a range of further offers for AOC Sport members (excluding Scotland). 

FE Packages are valid for one academic year (Sports Leaders academic year covers the period from August – July). They can be registered in advance of the academic year starting and must be registered by no later than the 30th November in the academic year they relate to.

*Westminster Education Forum policy conference - The future of the FE sector and priorities for the Skills and Post-16 Education Bill, 2021

**Youth Employment UK Employability Skills Review 2017

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Our Leadership Qualifications help FE students develop essential skills, ready for their next step in education or employment.

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