Tutor Training Webinars

You will need to attend a 'Tutoring & Assessing Leadership Skills' webinar. Your ‘Trained Tutor/Assessor’ status will then last for 2 years.

e-training comes as 2 sections, training and knowledge check. Once the knowledge check is complete with all questions correctly answered you will be able to download your e-certificate.

  • e-training
  • training
  • knowledge check
  • e-certificate

The purpose of this live webinar is to cover the Tutor/Assessor's (T/A's) role in:

The Qualification delivery steps
Accessing resources available for delivery support
Foundations for introducing leadership to learners
The SLQ Skills Framework
Assessing Learners
Quality Assurance responsibilities of the T/A

  • Leadership Induction days

Tutoring & Assessing Leadership Skills' webinars run for 2 hours with a 5 minute break in the middle.

As soon as the 'Tutoring & Assessing Leadership Skills' webinar has been attended.

It is not mandatory for all Tutor/Assessor at your Qualification Centre attend a 'Tutoring & Assessing Leadership Skills' webinar. However it would be considered as good practice. There is no limit to how many people from your Centre can attend a 'Tutoring & Assessing Leadership Skills' webinar.

The webinar can be accessed using either:

• PC/Laptop
• Tablet device
• Smartphone


  • webinar
  • webinar equipment

At the time of booking:

Check your inbox for a validation email from Sports Leaders. This will confirm you have a place on the training.
You will also receive an email with webinar registration details. It is advisable to register as soon as possible, you will receive details on how to join the webinar and test your hardware/software for compatibility.

On the day of training:

Ensure that your computer is ready to use GoTo Webinar. Your computer may need to install an ‘Add-In’ prior to your first use of this system. If this is required a prompt will pop up on your screen when you log onto the webinar. It should only take about a minute to install.

It’s a good idea to log in five minutes before the webinar is set to start. This way you can ensure all your equipment is working and install anything as required.

Although technical issues with webinars are rare, these are live events so unpredictable problems can occur. By taking these few simple steps you can minimise potential issues from happening.

Check your internet connection and install your add-in prior to the start:
Most issues occur due to slow internet connection or not having the correct software installed on your PC/laptop. Logging in at least 15 minutes prior to the start time will give you the opportunity to double check these are working before the webinar begins.

Close all other programs on your PC/Laptop:
A slow internet connection can occur if other programs are open. This may reduce the performance of your computer and the webinar itself. Closing all non-vital programs will alleviate this issue.

Ensure that maintenance is not being carried out:
The majority of organisations will inform their colleagues of any required network maintenance prior to it happening. Therefore ensure that this is not going to be carried out throughout the duration of your training. It is also advisable that you ensure GoTo Webinar is not blocked by your organisation prior to training.

Tell us if there is a problem:
If you are struggling to log on to the webinar then let us know at: contact@sportsleaders.org. If you experience problems during the webinar then you can use the “Chat” box to inform the trainers. Please note this will be private communication and no other delegates will be able to see your comments.

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