From Monday 5th October we are beginning to deliver our first E-Certificates to Centres and learners, using a new process that has been put in place as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The restrictions put in place as a result of the pandemic have forced us to change the way we deliver certificates to Centres and learners. The current circumstances, combined with Health & Safety considerations round handling materials have led us to move solely to E-Certificates for 2020/21.

Our process for certifications is based around a secure, online portal that will house pdf versions of our Qualification certificates, which will be accessible to the CCM and Tutors/Assessors. These can then either be printed and distributed by the Centre or made available to learners as a pdf.

The diagram below outlines the five-stage process of requesting and accessing E-Certificates – in our Customer Service Charter, we promise to make certificates available for Centres within 20 working days of the certificates being released.

E-Certification for learners from 2020/21 onwards

Switching to E-Certificates is one of the measures that we have taken to ensure that Centres can continue delivering our Qualifications in 2020/21. Our Enabling Delivery Resource contains details of all the changes we’ve made and additional resources available to support Centres, Tutors and learners. Download the England, Wales and Ireland version of the Enabling Delivery Resource here or access the Scottish version here.

For 2020/21 onwards, certification your learners will be via E-Certificates. Download our Enabling Delivery Resources to learn more about all the changes we've put in place to help Centres continue delivering our Qualificiations and Awards.

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