Benefits for a sports club

Here are just a few of the benefits of a Sports Leaders UK award or qualification for a sports club

  • Being a sports Leaders UK Approved Assessment Centre can provide the club with a number of trained and qualified individuals who can volunteer for the club in a variety of different roles and areas of benefit
  • Sports leadership improves communication, organisation and leadership skills that can be used both on and off the pitch
  • A volunteering scheme improves the reputation of the club in the local community – it’s an opportunity to show that your club is successful but more than just about sport. Sports Leaders UK volunteers will bring a wide array of skills to your club that they can pass on and use in later life
  • By having a cohort of trained volunteers, clubs can run more activities that are professionally staffed
  • The volunteering activities throughout the club and the wider community provide a winning PR opportunity to improve the reputation of the club and increase recruitment of fans and players
  • Provides an opportunity to improve relationships with local schools, organisations and community groups – your volunteers will have the skills to deliver sessions in local schools and youth groups on behalf of your club, that will encourage young people to stay active and healthy
  • Being a Sports Leaders UK Approved Assessment Centre shows your commitment to improving the skills of your players and staff, something that will resonate strongly with potential sponsors looking to fulfil their CSR needs

Date printed: 23/10/2017

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