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Your Time Year One: We’re only just getting started

by Sports Leaders,

Posted on the 19/08/2022

Your Time Year 1

The summer has been a fantastic celebration of sport - especially for women and girls. Spearheaded by the success of the Lionesses during the Euros in England, we’ve seen female athletes celebrated for their achievements on the field and heard from girls who now feel inspired to leave a life-long legacy in sport.

At Sports Leaders, we want to keep that momentum going.

Your Time, our hybrid learning programme aimed at encouraging female participation in sport, reached a significant milestone before the end of the summer term with the completion of its first year.

It’s aim? To create more opportunities for girls in schools to take part in competitive sport. Central to this was empowering a group of leaders in each of the participating schools to support their younger peers to overcome the barriers that typically prevent girls from taking part in sport.

So, what makes Your Time different?

We know from research that peer-led support can make the difference between girls competing in sport and walking away from the field. What makes Your Time unique is that it is the girls themselves who decide what would encourage their peers to take part through their own journey of discovery. As part of the programme, the leaders complete a series of online learning modules, which help them to develop their own essential leadership skills and learn what might encourage more girls to play sport.

Instead of telling girls what sport they should be doing and how to do it, Your Time provides them with the skills to find out for themselves why they might not play competitively and how to make it more accessible. In short, the girls are the manager and the coach!

The culmination of the programme is a competitive sport event managed and led by the leaders themselves, making the entire experience tailored to the needs of the girls taking part.

Inspiring girls to follow in their heroes’ footsteps

Alongside the Euros, events such as the Commonwealth Games and cricket’s The Hundred have helped to shine a light on women in sport and provide a greater platform than ever for female stars to take centre stage.

Having role models to aspire to helps girls to believe that they too can take part, but there is still a need for more opportunities and a culture where sport is seen as a life-long option for women. That’s why we included our four Sports Ambassadors in the interactive learning experience.

Feeling inspired? Shenley Brook End Schooldelivered the Your Time programme in Year 1 and it’s been great to hear how they feel about themselves and sport as a result of being Your Time Leaders:

With over 2,200 girls benefitting from Your Time already, we know our programme has the power to build confidence and break down barriers.

And we’re only just getting started. With Year 2 on the horizon, we’ve broken down what’s included and how you can get involved.

What’s included?

The learning programme consists of six online modules specifically designed to help the learners develop the skills needed to deliver their event. These modules include topics such as: “Exploring Competitive School Events”, “Understanding your Participants” and “The Communication Journey”. What’s more, the learners are guided by avatars that can be fully personalised, offering another feeling of peer-led support.

After completing the modules, they have a chance to provide their feedback, giving an insight into the experience of being a leader.

“I really felt I learnt a lot from the course and it helped me to consider and reflect more deeply on all the different aspects of being a leader. I liked that the lessons were online because it made the course more flexible: I could complete the lessons at whatever time suited me most.”

What comes next?

Taking feedback from schools and acting on it to ensure that the programme meets their needs is a fundamental element of Your Time. In the same way that the leaders focus on creating an event that appeals to their participants, the programme itself needs to address the challenges faced by schools taking part. Over the summer, we’ve been working with the Year 1 schools to ensure that the programme meets their needs as much as possible.

How to get involved in Your Time

It’s easy! Schools interested in taking part simply need to gain accreditation by completing an orientation webinar, after which they will receive their competition pack and are ready to go.

Register your interest in becoming a Your Time school here. Still have questions? Our Your Time Lead would be happy to set up a call to answer any queries and can be contacted by clicking this link.

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