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Skills Framework underpins marathon effort for #TeamSportsLeaders

by Sports Leaders,

Posted on the 03/05/2019

2019 has been another great year for our Sports Leaders London Marathon runners. Their hard work over 26.2 miles will continue to help us enable more young people to access leadership qualifications and volunteering opportunities.

As each of our runners has shared their unique story with us, it has become very clear that our Skills Framework is as relevant for long distance runners as it is for improving the employability skills of young people.

Our Skills Framework highlights the five skills that employers are looking for in young people (Communication, Teamwork, Problem solving, Self-management and Self-belief), but as you can see below, they extend far beyond the workplace.

Communication & Teamwork

Nothing spurs you on more when you hear a friendly cheer or an encouraging word in your ear. Vicki said that she was struggling at one point, but a pat on the back and a few words of encouragement from fellow #TeamSportsLeaders runner Abbie, helped her at a difficult time.

Problem solving & Self-management

Fitting your training in around a busy lifestyle is difficult. Georgina said that this was her biggest challenge, but by solving the problem using the latest technology “the Nike Run Club app became my running bible” and managing her time effectively, she managed to create a space where she could fit in the time to practice.


Most runners report being nervous on the evening before their first marathon, but they overcome this by looking back on the training and preparation that they have done. All of the #TeamSportsLeaders runners had a personal programme that they used to build up the distance they could run over a period of months. By preparing for the task in hand, you develop the confidence that you can be successful and the resilience to get through it.

Applications for a place in the 2020 London Marathon will open in September, so if you feel inspired to tackle it and raise much needed funds for Sports Leaders, then please keep an eye on our website and Twitter.





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