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Introducing our 2019 London Marathon runners

by Sports Leaders,

Posted on the 19/03/2019

Our 2019 runners are not only putting in the miles to prepare for the 26.2 mile route around the capital, but they are working hard to raise money too.

In total we have four people running for Sports Leaders this year: Vicki, Hannah, Abbie and Georgina. 

We wish them all the best of luck and you can read some of their stories below:   

Vicki's Journey

Hi my name is Vicki Joyce and i teach PE at Honley High School. I am also the School Sports Co-ordinator for all of the Honley feeder schools including Honley, Brockholes, Meltham CE, Meltham Moor, Helme and South Crosland Junior and Infant Schools. As part of my role i deliver the Sports Leaders UK Level two course and provide opportunities for leadership experiences in a range of sports. These include Sports Hall Athletics, Badminton, Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Handball, Netball, Hockey, Football, Rugby, Boccia, Tri-Golf, Cricket and Dance. The young sports leaders at Honley gain valuable life skills and many positive experiences when completing this course and are then more prepared to move on to college or apprenticeships when they leave school. 

I have decided to run the London Marathon as i would like to inspire the young leaders that i work with, along with all of the young people that i teach, to aim high and believe in yourself. It will be a very big challenge for me as i have never completed a half marathon, let alone a marathon before. However, i do play hockey regularly and have always kept myself fit and active. The longest run i have ever completed before training for this marathon was 10 miles in a cross country which i found very difficult. To try to prepare as best i can i have been training 3 times a week for the last 14 weeks and have 8 weeks to go! I have been increasing the distance of my long runs each week and am now up to 13 miles. I take the runs steady, not worrying about time, just trying to do more miles. The training has been a journey of ups and downs, highs and lows so far but i guess that's how life works and you just have to keep going and move forwards, trying to be the best you can be.

Vicki's JustGiving page is

Hannah's Journey

The runs are getting longer, and my knees seem to be getting weaker. It’s 50 days until the big day and the start line feels imminent. I would be lying if I were to say it’s been easy, but I’m lucky enough to be reminded daily of why I’m running the London Marathon for Sports Leaders UK.

I experienced the most humble form of motivation during February Half Term. I was running through a busy park in Windsor, and struggling on my 10th mile of 16. My feet were plodding along to the beat of my music, when all of a sudden I heard a familiar “IT’S MISS SHARPE”, screamed from what could only be the voice of child that I teach. When I returned back to the school the following week, the little boy had taken it upon himself to tell the entire class that I was training for the London Marathon, and that everybody should come and tell me how amazing I am whenever they saw me. It was definitely the ‘pick-me-up’ that I needed.

I’m lucky enough to see children flourish. Whether it’s the first time they’ve ran a warm up in their netball club, or the first time they lead an activity for Year 1 and 2 children at a multi skills event, they grow and develop, and they take pride in what they’ve achieved. Through the work that Sports Leaders UK do, we are allowing our young people to gain confidence and skills through their participation and leadership in sport and physical activity. We are providing an opportunity for all children to become grounded and thriving individuals, not through their academic abilities, or their sporting skills, but through their dedication and hard work to become a good leader.

The children that I work with have been so supportive of my marathon training, because they know that my fundraising is going to directly support their development, and they are excited by the prospect of being able to continue engaging with sports leadership opportunities. I’m so thankful for all the donations so far, and if you are able to give even the small donation for this brilliant cause, and to ease the pain of crossing the finishing line, it really would mean so much.

My brother wrote in a social media post last week ‘My little sister is running the London Marathon in a few weeks time, and I know she’s bricking it because she’s never ran a long distance run before’ – and I’ve never heard something so truthful. I am scared, and a little worried, but I am also so, so proud of the children that I work with, and the thought of them achieving their goals will carry me across the finish line (I HOPE!)

Thank you again for all your support, Hannah.

Hannah's fundraising page is


The fundraising pages for our other two runners - Georgina and Abbie - can be found below:


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