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Autumn Term 2020 Update: Helping You Continue Delivering

by Sports Leaders,

Posted on the 11/09/2020

With the new academic year underway, students are now returning to schools after a period of time that no-one could have anticipated. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, learners will now be adjusting to life with a raft of new guidelines and procedures to follow both in and out of school.

To help facilitate the return to education and ensure that young people can continue to realise their potential through building their leadership and personal skills, we’ve introduced a series of changes, resources and developments to our Qualifications and Awards over the last few months. In case you’ve missed any of these updates, here’s a run-down of what’s changed.

Adaptations to our Qualifications

Taking into account the latest guidance around coronavirus, Covid-19 and getting pupils back in schools, we’ve adapted our Qualifications to make them ‘Covid-19 friendly’, to ensure that Centres can continue delivering leadership qualifications to learners in 2020/21.

We’ve published amended specifications and guidance on our portal for Centres, LEAP, along with new tutor resources and Learner Evidence Records (LERs).

In addition, we’ve created a series of Learner Support Challenges, designed to help pupils adapt to returning to education.

You can find out more about our adaptations and new resources in our full guidance publication, the Enabling Delivery Resource.

Enabling Delivery Resource

To help show all the amends and updates we’ve made in one place, we’ve created the Enabling Delivery Resource as a complete document for Centres to access or download. In it you’ll find details of the changes made to our Sport and Dance Leadership courses, amends made to our Quality Assurance process and an overview of the Learner Support Challenges and updated tutor resources.

There are two versions of the Enabling Delivery Resource – download the version for Scottish centres here or the version for Centres in England, Wales and Ireland here.

We've also published a Frequently Asked Questions document, which contains answers to many of the most common queries that Centres have raised in recent months. Download the Delivering After Covid-19 FAQs document here.

Taking Learning Online

When the UK initially went into lockdown, we took steps to adapt some of our most popular resources to be accessible online, making it possible for learners to continue developing their leadership and personal skills away from the classroom.

This has led us to supplement print versions of documents including our Learner Evidence Records (LERs) with editable pdfs designed to be completed via software such as Adobe Reader and online learning versions that can be accessed using Google Docs and distributed via Google Classroom or similar platforms.

As a Centre, once you’ve completed registered your courses and learners, LERs will be available to you in all three formats via LEAP.

And don’t forget – our offer of free, printed LERs is still open for any Centres registering learners before Friday 25th September – find out more about the free LER offer here.

I Can, I Am Resilience Education Programme

Adapting to life in lockdown quickly and sustainably was a challenge for many learners that took them out of their comfort zone in an unprecedented way. Achieving this required young people to quickly build their resilience and confidence that they could take on new challenges in new ways and still succeed.

To help in this scenario, we created a series of challenges for learners with a focus on building confidence in their abilities and their resilience to overcome obstacles – the ‘I Can, I Am’ Resilience Education Programme.

The programme includes ten booklets, available in print and editable pdf format with learning resources that prepare learners for the tasks and activities they need to complete each challenge and earn ‘badges’ along the way.

Find out more about the ‘I Can, I Am’ Resilience Education Programme, including details of any upcoming introduction webinars, here.

Personal Skills Programme

The Personal Skills Programme – PSP – is our whole-school programme for developing skills in learners that will benefit them throughout their education and into life beyond school.

PSP further develops learners’ resilience and supports schools with their programme for character education, which remains an essential aspect for schools and pupils, whatever the future and the ‘new normal’ look like.

We’re currently working on adapting the resources for PSP to ensure it can be delivered in a Covid-19-friendly way, with activities and evidence passports that can be completed from home. Find out more about PSP, including upcoming introduction events outlining the programme, here.

As you can see, we’ve changed a lot in a short of space of time but the focus is on keeping things as close to the same as possible. Our vision remains for every young person to realise their potential and we’re confident that the changes we’ve made – to our qualifications, to our ways of working and our methods of engaging with Centres – are allowing us to work in partnership with Centres to keep making this possible.

If you’d like to find out more about working with us to deliver qualifications and awards in 2020/21, send us an email at or call 01908 689180.

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