Our Holiday Activity Skills Programme supports deliverers and their partners in England to continue developing skills as part of the Holiday Activities and Food Programme.

School holidays can create a particular pressure point for some families as a result of increased costs (such as food and childcare) and reduced incomes.

To help address this, the Government’s Holiday Activities and Food Programme provides support for schools in England to deliver holiday clubs with healthy food available alongside consistent and easily accessible enrichment activities including skill development.

Our Holiday Activity Skills Programme provides deliverers with options for the provision of these activities via our established and trusted award programmes where learners develop essential skills through physical activity and learning to lead.

As part of our programmes of learning, we believe that deliverers should feel confident in their ability to support and encourage learners, so our programmes include full professional development for engaging young people in skill development.

Providers can choose from each programme individually or select both for a complete package for young people.

 Intro to Skills Development

Introduction to Skills Development  

An accredited learning programme for children aged nine and above including our popular PlayMaker Award. The award prepares learners to use skills such as communication and organisation to have the confidence to initiate fun activities with small groups of peers and younger children.

The PlayMaker Learning Programme allows learners to explore the transferable skills required to be seen as a leader and engages them with learning through activities.

Includes: -

  • Delivery Resources for Tutors
  • Digital and printable leadership journals
  • Training for Tutors to deliver PlayMaker through e-learning or recorded webinar
  • Digital access to Energy Club activity cards for delivery
  • Certification for up to 500 learners

Cost: £999

 Intro to Skills Leadership

Introduction to Activity  Leadership 

Accredited learning programme for learners aged eleven and above based on our Young Leader Award. The award provides an introduction to learning to assist with leading sport and physical activities for others by developing transferable skills that can help a young person throughout all aspects of their education.

Includes: -

  • Delivery resources for Tutors
  • Digital and printable leadership journals
  • Training for Tutors to deliver Young Leader through e-learning or recorded webinar
  • Digital access to Energy Club activity cards for Young Leaders to deliver to younger learners
  • Certification for up to 300 Young Leaders

Cost: £1,499

 Combined Holiday Activity Skills Programme

Provide the combined benefits of both programmes by purchasing a combined package for delivery.

Cost: £2,349

If you would be interested in delivering the PlayMaker Award, Young Leader Award or the Combined Holiday Activity Skills Programme, please register your details using the form below: -


Holiday Activity Skills Programme

Take a look at the resources available for either of the individual programmes included within the Holiday Activity Skills Programme.

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