Our range of leadership awards are perfect for organisations looking to introduce leadership skills to their students but aren't ready to commit to our regulated qualifications.

Our range of accredited awards use leadership activities to teach learners vital life skills to help them succeed in education and employment.

Our awards do not require Tutor Training accreditation and are therefore perfect for organisations looking to gain the benefits of leadership without the extra paperwork and external verification elements.

Primary Education Leadership
Primary Education Leadership
Our Primary Leaders Licence offers schools a complete package for providing fun and engaging activities that start young people on their journey to building vital leadership skills through physical activity.
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The PlayMaker Award
The PlayMaker Award is a great introduction into leadership for pupils or students aged nine and over.
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Go Lead!
Go Lead
Go Lead is a nationally recognised and accredited leadership award. Perfect for the skills phase of NCS.
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Female Leaders
Women, Get Set, Go!
Women, Get Set, Go! is a personal development programme, specifically designed for women and girls aged 14 and over.
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Young Leaders Award
Young Leader Award
The Young Leader Award is a great introduction to leadership, giving young people aged 11 and over knowledge of how to organise and lead small games and activities that can be used as a part of uniformed organisation, community club or sports club sessions.
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I Can Lead
I Can Lead
I Can Lead is a fun, practical and flexible course for learners aged 13 and over that can be completed in a classroom, on the sports field or as an after-school activity.
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Foreign Language Leader
Foreign Language Leadership
Equip young people with the skills required to lead basic languages activities.
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