During 2018/19 we provided opportunities for 108,830 young people and facilitated over 1.1 Million hours of youth volunteering.

We believe that every young person should be given the opportunity to realise their potential. For over 35 years young people have been developing transferable skills through our leadership qualifications and awards. Employers are still citing that young people are not being prepared for work effectively especially developing their transferable skills.

We want young people to be enabled to recognise their personal development of skills and behaviours through our Qualifications and Awards. These opportunities should be available to all young people.

To help with our ambitions for all we have created a skills framework that identifies the skills and behaviours to be developed to demonstrate the 5 skills employers identified and to evidence this through their learning. 

The framework is based on research that was carried out by Youth Employment UK in 2017 (https://www.youthemployment.org.uk/youth-employment-uk-employability-skills-review-2017/) and identifies a common language of five skills that employers are looking for:

  • Communication
  • Self-Belief
  • Teamwork
  • Self-Management
  • Problem Solving

Click here to view the skills framework with our Scottish qualifications mapped.

These skills have already been mapped into our Qualifications and Awards to demonstrate the skills and behaviours developed through our programmes and how these can be communicated to their next destination.

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