Learner of the Year – Guidance for Centres

What is the Learner of the Year?

The aim of the Sports Leaders Learner of the Year is to celebrate and champion the achievements and progress that learners have made through their Sports Leaders course. One learner will be announced as the Sports Leaders Learner of the Year 2019 in July.

The Sports Leaders Learner of the Year will be awarded to someone who has gone above and beyond what is expected of them to realise their potential, has reflected on what their development means to them and has made steps to use the skills they have developed to affect their community (e.g. school, personal life, their peers, etc.) in a positive way.

Click here to complete the Advocate Learner Nomination

Click here to complete the Learner Nomination

Stage 1 – The Nomination Process

1. The application window(s) opens – Sports Leaders will let you know when you can nominate someone for Learner of the Year

2. An advocate at your Centre completes a short Advocate Learner Nomination to nominate up to three learners from your Centre.

  • The advocate can be the Tutor/Assessor, the CCM, another teacher/lecturer at your Centre, the head/principle or any other responsible person at your Centre.
  • The nominated learner must be currently completing a Sports Leaders qualification or have completed one since August 2018
  • The advocate needs to forward the link to the Learner Nomination to the learner for them to complete.

3. The learner completes a short Learner Nomination to describe their learner journey, the answers given could outline:

  • How they have developed
  • What the Sports Leaders course has helped them overcome or achieve?
  • What the skills they have developed means to them?

The Learner Nomination should be completed independently from the Advocate Learner Nomination.

4. Only on completion and submission of both the Advocate Learner Nomination and the Learner Nomination will mean the learner has been nominated for the Learner of the Year.

5. All nominees will receive a Learner of the Year 2019 Nominee certificate and will be put forward for a prize draw where one learner will receive a £50 Amazon voucher. Nominations (i.e. submission of the Advocate Learner Nomination and the Learner Nomination needs to be received at Sports Leaders by 5:00PM on Friday 14th June 2019)

Stage 2 – Shortlisting for Learner of the Year – Learner journey videos

6. Shortlist of 4-6 Learner of the Year nominees (weeks commencing 17th June 2019) – all nominees for the Learner of the Year 2019 will be considered for a shortlist of four to six nominees by a panel of three staff members of Sports Leaders. Shortlisted nominees will be announced by the 24th June 2019)

7. Submitting a Learner Journey video (by 5th July 2019) - If a learner from your Centre is shortlisted for the Learner of the Year, we will contact you to create a 1-2 minute video where the learner describes their progress through the Sports Leaders course, what it means to them and how it has enabled them to realise their potential in their education and/or personal endeavours. On receipt of the Learner journey video, the shortlisted Learners (up to four learners) will:

  • Be eligible to be awarded the Learner of the Year
  • Be awarded a £50 Amazon voucher

8. Learner of the Year Decision Panel (week commencing 15th July 2019) – once the videos are received a panel of three members will review the videos and decide who is to be the National Learner of the Year. This panel will be made up of the CEO, a member of the Board of Trustees and representative from an external organisation.

9. Sports Leaders Learner of the Year announced early in August 2019

What questions to expect?

Our questions will be focused around two areas:

1. Personal Development- Questions in this area may include:

  • What skills did the learner develop during the course?
  • What was the learner’s biggest challenge during the course?
  • What did the learner want to achieve during the course?

2. Volunteering in the Community- Questions in this area may include:

  • What groups of people did the learner volunteer with?
  • What did volunteering with these groups mean to the community?
  • Has doing a Sports Leaders course made the learner more engaged at school/college?

Guidance on nominating a Learner of the Year

The following areas will be considered when the Learner of the Year is selected from the nominees:

A) Skill development –

The learner should show strong:

  • Communication skills - the ability to listen and share, verbal, written and electronically.
  • Self-belief - building confidence in their own ability
  • Teamwork - enabling an individual to work with others
  • Self-management - taking responsibility for actions during and doing things to the best of their abilities.
  • Problem solving - understanding a problem and using logic to find solutions.

B) We would also like to hear about the Learner journey from the advocate and learner.

How is the data going to be used?

For Stage 1, we may use quotes and snippets from the nominations as part of internal research and external marketing messaging. All data used in this manner will have been anonymised and therefore cannot be attributed to the responses you or your learner(s) give.

For Stage 2, the data collected through the videos submitted in Stage 2 will be used with the permission of the Centre. If your learner is shortlisted for Stage 2 we will contact you with more details around how this data will be managed.

Terms and Conditions

Each learner is only able to submit one nomination and each centre is only able to nominate three learners per centre per academic year. For a learner to be considered for Learner of the Year both the advocate and learner must complete the nomination.

If a nominee is shortlisted, they must only submit one video. There is no cash prize offered as an alternative. Sports Leaders have no connection with Amazon.co.uk. By entering this Prize Draw, you will be deemed to have accepted terms and conditions.

If you are unable to access Survey Monkey please phone us on 01908 689180 or email us at contact@sportsleaders.org

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