The Leadership Academy of the Year awards are to celebrate the great work of our Leadership Academies who have gone above and beyond to deliver exceptional courses and for young people who have used their leadership skills to improve their local community.

At Sports Leaders we work with a wide range of different organisations to deliver our Qualifications and Awards, which help young people to develop their skills and, ultimately, realise their potential.

From schools and colleges to community groups of all sizes, we work in partnership with centres to build key personal skills in learners through volunteering projects and leading activities that grow their confidence, communication and more.

To help acknowledge the outstanding work being undertaken by centres, we recognise those which meet certain criteria with Leadership Academy status. Among the criteria to secure this status, Leadership Academies must offer a pathway for learners to progress their studies from one level to the next, as well as providing connections to community organisations and future employers.

From the group of centres awarded Leadership Academy status, we invite nominations each year to be recognised as the Leadership Academy of the Year in three categories – school, FE college and community organisation.

Our winning centres for 2019 are as follows: -

School Leadership Academy of the Year: Budehaven Community School

Located near Bude in North Cornwall, Budehaven has delivered leadership courses for many years, each year enrolling over 50 students in Year 10 and 30 6th Form pupils.

By focusing on an approach that encourages learners to take a hands-on approach to curriculum and extra-curricular time, the school has developed close links with local community groups and neighbouring primary schools.These links provide learners with excellent volunteering opportunities to develop their leadership schools and put them to use in real-life situations.

As a result of truly embedding sports leadership into its curriculum, the school has shown real strength in helping learners become mentors and become actively involved in both their school and wider community through a variety of events, activities and interactions.

FE College Leadership Academy of the Year: Huddersfield New College

As a college with an outstanding reputation for diversity, inclusivity and student support, Huddersfield New College is a long-standing Leadership Academy, working alongside Sports Leaders for a number of years to deliver qualifications and accreditation that help enhance students’ skills and experience.

Acting as a central hub for local schools and community events, the college operates a successful ambassador programme, which facilitates students visiting schools and working with younger pupils to support their needs and work as mentors. Students are also provided excellent opportunities to become involved in volunteering and paid employment, with some even earning the chance to work as far afield as Qatar.

With a diverse student population, the college takes pride in being an inclusive provider, supporting individual needs of learners and carefully managing its timetable to accommodate their requirements.

Community Leadership Academy of the Year: London Borough of Camden

Working in partnership with the LaSWAP 6th Form and other secondary schools in the local area, the London Borough of Camden focuses on encouraging young people who have a lot to offer their community but may not have achieved high grades at school, engaging over 330 learners since 2005 and providing them with a positive and transformative experience.

By actively supporting Camden Sport & Physical Activity front line services, learners gain valuable, hands-on experience of working with diverse customer groups in commercial and educational settings. The students also gain work experience throughout the year with the community sports team, where they assist coaching sessions and taster days within local sports facilities and other regular projects.

As learners progress through their studies, level 3 students mentor and support level 1 and 2 learners, including one to one meetings and supervised leadership sessions, where level 3 students provide verbal feedback to level 1 and 2 learners, helping to prepare them for future situations of a similar nature.

In addition to the announcement of this year’s overall winners, Sports Leaders also recognises a number of regional winners in each of the categories, which are as follows: -

Area 2: East, London & South East

School Leadership Academy of the Year: Kingsbury High School, London

FE College Leadership Academy of the Year: USP College, Essex

Area 3: East Midlands, Yorkshire & Humberside

School Leadership Academy of the Year: South Hunsley School & Sixth Form College, Humberside

Area 4: North East, North West, Scotland, Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland

School Leadership Academy of the Year: The Hermitage Academy, Co. Durham
FE College Leadership Academy of the Year: Bolton College, Lancashire
Community Leadership Academy of the Year: Glasgow Education Services

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