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The Skills Tracker can help your school assess the impact of an SLQ Sports Leaders qualification or skills development programme on a pupil's confidence in their personal skills in line with the inspectorate frameworks around personal development.

As a Centre Course Manager or Tutor, the Skills Tracker gives you a skills impact dashboard showing real time data of your learner’s confidence levels. The dashboard is filterable on both an individual and cohort/class setting.

This simple and exportable dashboard report can be used in several ways such as with your Senior Leadership Team, with learners themselves and with parents/guardians.

During your course delivery tutors prompt learners to reflect on their confidence in five key personal skills.

The personal skills tracker has been designed with total flexibility in mind. Your delivery tutors could ask learners to use it at the start or end of a course, or after every session.

A total of six questions encourage learners to reflect on their skill confidence using a simple, personal sliding scale (0-100).

Learner reflections are then recorded and displayed on an impact dashboard.

The Skills Tracker has been designed to be simple and easy to complete. For a learner it should take no more than five minutes to log a reflection. You can view instant progress on your learners in minutes via our impact dashboard.

Skills Tracker can be used by any centre delivering one of our qualifications (initially this is limited to 200 centres). The initial account must be set up by the Centre Course Manager (CCM) from your Centre.

The Skills Tracker can be used with learners completing any SLQ Sports Leaders qualification. However, learners need to be over the age of 13.

Learners need to be aged 13 and over to use Skills Tracker. This follows GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and the age of digital consent which is aged 13 in the UK.

Skills Tracker is free to centres actively delivering SLQ Sports Leaders qualifications.

Your Centre Course Manager will need to generate a unique invitation code for you. They can send this to you by email or message. Follow the link you are sent to generate your Tutor account for the Skills Tracker. After registering, you can add learners and view your dashboard.

The Skills Tracker has been created to complement the existing Learner Evidence Records used in our Qualifications. The Skills Tracker can enhance Task 1.1. in the Learner Evidence Record and inform the completion of the task.

We made the decision to not include a dashboard for learners to see on their own as we believe this could influence their future responses. However, you can filter your Tutor dashboard by individual learner, and this can be exported as a PDF. You could therefore use this with your learners to discuss their progress throughout their course. It may also be helpful to pick up any dips in confidence and to explore why this might be the case. You will be able to see comments from your learners which will give you added information about your learners.

You can ask Learners to reflect as many times as you want. Some Centres have chosen to do this at the start or end of their course. Some after every session. We suggest a minimum of three reflections during a course, the more reflections that are carried out the impactful your results will be.

The Skills Tracker is a simple and smart phone friendly website. Depending on your mobile phone policy you could prompt learners to log their reflections after every session. Or you could set as a home learning task. Alternatively, some tutors have made school iPad’s or laptops available at the end of each session.

The Skills Tracker has been designed to only allow one reflection a day. Please check they have not already logged a reflection for that day.

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties, you can contact us on

  • Skills Tracker support Skills Tracker help

Password reset functionality has been added for anyone using the Skills Tracker. You can reset it from the account log in page here

Learners can re-set their password from the log in page. They can also then change this to something more memorable. Users have 10 attempts before getting locked out of the system so it is better to re-set than guess! If a user does get locked out, you will need to contact us on

We are sorry to hear this. Please contact us on and we will resolve your issue as quickly as we can.

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