Leadership Team

Richard Norman

William Firth
Director of Strategic Operations

Lucy Supperstone
Qualifications and Awards Director

Liam Hope
Partnerships Director

Awarding Organisation Staff

Garry Beardsworth
Qualifications and Awards Development Manager

Chris Faley
Tutor Training Manager

Gareth Buckley
Quality Assurance Manager

Denise Coleman
Customer Service Team Manager

Steph Doehler
Qualifications and Awards Development Coordinator

Sneha Chauhan
Awarding Organisation Compliance Officer

Meet the Team in Your Area


East, London & South East England

Richard Shenton
Partnerships Manager

Kathryn Heathers
Partnerships Officer

Veronica Moore
Senior Quality Assurance Officer

Maureen Harrington
Customer Services Advisor

Lucinda Saberi
Apprentice Account Executive

East Midlands and Yorkshire & Humberside

Rob Watson
Partnerships Manager

Craig Kitching
Partnerships Officer

Rebecca Wilks
Compliance Manager/Senior Quality Assurance Officer

Tina Lambkin
Customer Services Advisor

South West, Wales/Cymru, West Midlands & Overseas

Rob Guy
Partnerships Manager

Wendy Crocker
Partnerships Officer

Dave Harry
Senior Quality Assurance Officer

Sue Booth
Customer Services Advisor

North East, North West, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Scotland

Alan Brierley
Partnerships Manager

Adrian Rose
Partnerships Officer

Fiona Kennedy
Partnerships Officer

Alex Potter
Senior Quality Assurance Officer

Jake Varley
Apprentice Account Executive

Carole Brook
Customer Services Advisor

Welcome to our Meet The Team page. Here you will find all the information you need on the Sports Leaders UK staff in your area and nationally.

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    East, London & South East
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    South West, Wales/Cymru & West Midlands
    01908 689199

    East Midlands, Yorkshire & Humber
    01908 689214

    North East, North West, Northern Ireland, Rep of Ireland & Scotland
    01908 689197